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Signs That You Need To Call In a Professional Plumber Without Delay

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When you face a plumbing disaster like a burst pipe or overflowing drain in your home, you call the local St George plumber to fix the problem immediately. But waiting for such a situation to arise is not the right way to deal with plumbing issues. Look at these signs that indicate the need for the services of an experienced plumber from a company like  SPS Plumbers St George:

1. Leaky Taps

Most people generally ignore dripping taps. Do you know that a leaking tap can be a gigantic waste of water- 20,000 litres of water per annum? This waste will shoot up your water bill too. Call a local plumber, and he will identify the source of the leak and repair it promptly. You save water and money on water bills.

2. Drainage Issues

When water drains slowly from your bathroom sink, or you have blocked, noisy or smelly drains, your first response is to try to fix the problem yourself. But when all your efforts are in vain, you know that there is severe drain blockage. There are other signs of drain blockage as well such as,

  • Water draining slowly from more than one sink, the shower, or bath.
  • Backflow of soapy water from the drain when you run the washing machine.
  • The water smells of sewerage.

3. Flooding in the Lawn

When you find water pooling in your lawn after rainfall or the grass remains wet and damp while all the nearby areas are dry, you might have a problem with your drainage system or sewerage.

4. Damp Flooring

Flooding in the basement or under the house occurs when water pipes located house leak or burst. If you notice any signs of flooding, dampness, or even mould in your home, you need to get the plumbing system inspected by a local Sydney plumber.

5. Water Pressure Issues

If you notice any change in water pressure or the slowing of water flow, the cause may be a cracked or broken pipe. Ask the expert licensed plumber to conduct repairs. When you leave a broken pipe unattended, the leaking water can damage the foundation of your property or seep into the house.

6. Age of Your Hot Water System

Hot water systems are durable but do not last forever.  After some years of use, they develop problems like leaks, gurgling sounds, or discoloured water, etc. If you have noticed any of these things, it’s time to call us, and we will fix the problem.

We will send out an experienced, licensed plumbing professional over to your home.  For any information about our pipe relining services, feel free to contact SPS Plumbers St George at (02) 9099 9237. You can also contact us via this Online Form, and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.

Why Its Never a Good Idea To Put Off Plumbing Repairs

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plumbing repairs

When it comes to maintaining their plumbing fixtures, many property owners tend to defer these jobs.  Somehow they feel that a slow draining kitchen sink or a leaky bathroom tap isn’t very threatening.  The common misconception is that fixing these problems can take a back seat as many other maintenance tasks need to be carried out on a property. These tasks tend to take priority over minor plumbing problems.  

However, we have seen that delaying plumbing repairs or replacements always ends up in even more complex issues for property owners.  We do understand that most people lead very hectic lives and have very little time to dedicate to getting these types of repairs completed in a timely way.  

High-Grade Plumbing Services 

However, we are very prompt in our approach and offer cost-effective services to our clients. We will visit your property at a time convenient for you when you need any plumbing work done.  Our team of experts works very efficiently so that the job is completed within the shortest possible time and with the least amount of disruption on your property.

Timely Plumbing Repairs Are Important

We at SPS Plumbers St George always encourage our clients to tackle plumbing issues as soon as they surface. This can save them a significant amount of time, trouble, and money on complex fixes in the future. Take a look at why it’s vital to get plumbing issues fixed on time:

  • When you delay getting leaks repaired on time, a significant amount of water wastage takes place.  Not only does this impact the environment, but it also increases your water bill.
  • Aside from this, water leakages can damage various features in your home, which means you end up spending large amounts of money on getting them replaced or repaired as well.  Just imagine having to replace large sections of drywall, ceiling or even the woodwork on your property because you failed to get a small water leakage fixed on time.
  • What money property owners do not realise is that the consequences of various plumbing problems extend beyond the expenses they incur.  Excessive moisture and humidity results in rapid mould growth.  The spores that get released into the air cause respiratory problems and allergies, especially in more vulnerable individuals such as the elderly and children.  The best way to avoid these health issues is to make sure that all leakages are fixed within the shortest possible time.

DIY or Professional Plumbing Services?

Many homeowners feel that they will save some money on plumbing repairs by handling the job themselves. However, this isn’t always a good idea. We know from experience that sometimes DIY plumbing repairs can go awry.  Ultimately, property owners end up spending large amounts of money and go through more trouble to get the problems fixed.

If you have noticed any plumbing issue on your property, call us, and we will send out skilled and experienced plumbing professionals over to your home.  For any information about our pipe relining services, feel free to contact SPS Plumbers St George at (02) 9099 9237. You can also contact us via this Online Form, and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.

What is Involved in the Pipe Relining Process?

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pipe relining

If you have ever dealt with a damaged and blocked drain pipe situation, you would know how troublesome, time-consuming, and expensive the entire process can be. Since these installations are under the ground, any damage or deterioration isn’t evident.

Most people don’t realise there is a problem until the sewer water starts to backup or their shower and sink drains low down drastically. We at SPS Plumbers St George have seen how problematic these issues can be and make sure that our clients receive a prompt response in emergencies like these.

Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining

Since the drain pipes are underground, repairs involve digging up large portions of the landscape. That was the traditional method where the pipe repairs became cumbersome and time-consuming. Fixing drain pipe damage was a project property owners dreaded. But not any longer- we always focus on providing our clients value for money, and it’s why we adopt the latest technology in our work. When we handle broken and damaged drainpipe issues, we recommend the pipe relining method.

What is Pipe Relining?

This process uses a very innovative technology, which makes it easy to fix damaged underground pipes. This is the process followed:

  • The plumbers will visit your property and understand what the problem is.
  • The experts will then dig two small trenches at either end of the pipe.
  • They will use a CCTV drain camera to get visuals of the inside of the impacted pipe.
  • Once they have determined what is causing the problem and where the damage is, they will clear the pipe of blockages, if any.
  • High-pressure jets and tree root cutting equipment is used in the work.
  • Once the pipe is clear and clean from inside, they will insert a special epoxy sleeve into the pipe from one end.
  • The pipe will be inflated and allowed to cure for a few hours.
  • Once it has cured properly, the pipe is ready for use.

Pipe Relining- The Benefits

This process is slightly more expensive than the standard method of repairing underground pipes. It’s also why some property owners hesitate to opt for this solution. But the fact is there are many benefits to pipe relining such as:

  • Non-invasive compared to the standard pipe repair process
  • It can be completed with the least amount of disruption in your landscape.
  • Only two small trenches need to be dug to access the pipe and complete the relining.
  • The epoxy lining is exceptionally resilient. It can last for up to 50 years and is covered by warranties.

When you consider all these benefits, it becomes evident that the slightly higher costs that you pay for pipe relining are well worth the money spent. However, it’s also essential that you hire experienced and proven pipe relining experts like the ones at our company. For any information about our pipe relining services, feel free to contact SPS Plumbers St George at (02) 9099 9237. You can also contact us via this Online Form, and we will call you back to discuss your requirements.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Charge by the Job not by the Hour Fast & Reliable

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Lifetime Guarantee by Licensed & Insured Plumbers



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