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The Role of CCTV Cameras In Drain Pipe Repairs

As a property owner, you like to ensure that all of the installations and features on your property are in good condition at all times. This includes the plumbing installations as well.  However, many of the plumbing and drainage systems are either concealed behind walls or under the ground.  This can make regular maintenance and repairs quite challenging.

If there is a major problem in an underground drain pipe, fixing it can prove to be a troublesome and expensive proposition.  These kinds of repairs can be time-consuming as well, which can prove to be particularly problematic for commercial clients that cannot afford downtime on the property.

About CCTV Camera Use in Plumbing

This is why we at SPS Plumbers St George recommend that you call us in as soon as you notice any problem with the plumbing systems on your property.  There was a time when the only way to fix problems was to dig up the entire area under which the pipe was located.  In many instances, this meant digging up large sections of the landscaping, which proved to be extremely disruptive and damaging.  

Property owners would have to pay the cost of the plumbing repairs as well as spend additionally to get the landscaping fixed. This is precisely why credible companies today used CCTV drain cameras in their work. 

How CCTV Drain Cameras Function

Using CCTV drain cameras is one of the most non-intrusive ways to find out what the cause of the blockage in the drain is. The plumbers insert this camera into the drain pipe that has a blockage or has become damaged. They can view the live feed on a monitor above the ground.  Once they have a clear picture of what is causing the block or the type of damage that has occurred, they can provide suitable solutions.

Benefits Of CCTV Drain Cameras

As mentioned, using a CCTV camera is one of the best ways to determine what is causing the problem in underground drain pipes.  There are several benefits to using this technology, such as:

  • The display monitor gives a view of what is going on inside the drain pipe.  If there are any fissures or cracks in the pipes, the plumbers can see those as well.
  • If there is any damage or defects in other areas of the pipe, those can be viewed easily. It becomes necessary to take a 360-degree view of what is under the ground before starting any plumbing repair work. For example, the CCTV camera would also be able to capture visuals of any root obstructions, bad joints, etc.
  • Since the plumbers can get a very clear idea of what is under the ground just by inserting the CCTV drain camera into the pipe, no major digging is required.  As mentioned at the outset, this becomes one of the most cost-effective ways of determining what types of problems exist in underground drains. 

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